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A Dream Came True!

The story of Browned came out of the persistence of Ahmed Badra, the founder and CEO of Browned who never stopped dreaming and setting up goals for himself and making them come true. Ahmed moved to Canada in 2019 in order to open doors for him to start his own business in the F&B industry. He comes from a professional background in branding and visual communication; Ahmed elevated his academic knowledge in Canada after he got his Baking Arts course at George Brown College in Toronto, ON and his Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from Fanshawe College in London, ON. Ahmed upscaled his experience for over 2 years by being the Vice President of Brand Strategy & Marketing at a local franchise company based in London Ontario. He helped expand the brand from 4 humble locations to more than 15 locations.

The Perfect Recipe

Baking cookies has always been an obsession for Ahmed, as he comes from a creative background and the desire to develop a continuously refreshing business where he can introduce new catchy flavours inspired by stable desserts from all around the world in a form of cookies.

After over two years of experimenting with hundreds of different recipes to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie, Ahmed developed the Browned recipe, a recipe that takes the stable chocolate chip cookie to the next level with a nutty flavour that makes Browned Cookies stand out from any other cookie you have ever tired!

The Promise

Our cookies are handcrafted, made with premium ingredients and Belgian chocolates. Trust us these cookies are worth every single calorie!

We’re continuously introducing one-of-a-kind cookies to the cookie fans, featuring some combination of layers, mix-ins, or stuffing which brings unique flavour profiles that sets us apart and makes the fans come back for more cookies!

Motivation is the key to success

We have built our brand character to drive individuals to succeed in their lives, we always try to be the fuel that pushes them up and makes them take the next steps toward meaningful personal and professional development to make a real difference in their lives, and empower them to achieve their goals.

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Downtown London, ON


529 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E8

(226) 667-5799

Everyday: 12pm – 10pm

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