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To enroll, add your phone number at the checkout page when ordering online. If you're at the Bakery, ask our team members and they will enroll you in the program, so you can start earning Browns immediately!

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Enroll in our loyalty program and start earning Browns!

Sign-up in Browned loyalty now and start getting FREE cookies!

How it works

Sign Up

At the online checkout or in-store

Place Your Order

You must order to earn browns

Earn Browns

Eart 1 Brown for every $1 spent.


A free Milk Choc Chip
35 Borwns

A free 4-Pack Cookies
100 Browns

By signing into the program you agree to the below simple terms:

These rewards will expire by the end of September 2023 and might be extended or replaced. 

The loyalty program is under trial and might be cancelled or replaced, and that might cause a loss to the browns you earned.


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